New insights and knowledge!

We in Yapril are eager to learn. Learn and understand our clients’ business environments in an industry perspective, which provides us with valuable insights in addition to the daily work we do together with the clients in recruitment projects.

For that reason, our Management Consultants will be representing Yapril AS at the event, and we are excited to see what new insights and knowledge they bring back to the team.

As a tradition, Yapril has been attending seafood exhibitions since our company started in 2012. Our philosophy is to go where it happens, talk to people, learn, discuss, and meet new interesting and clever people from all over the value chain and cross ownership.

The constant change and development in the Seafood Industry requires an effort and investment to stay up to date. From methods of production, new species, distribution and to new ways of sales and marketing. It is an industry we know well, but we always want to and need to learn more. Here we will have the opportunity to explore the latest trends, innovations, and best practices. Our experience is that this benefits our clients considerably.
Veronica Hjertvik Hedman and Espen Sundgot, will be attending The Global Seafood Marketplace in Barcelona, Spain from April 25-27.

Feel free to contact us for a talk. 
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